Residential Design Exercise

In this exercise, I used only Photoshop to create a concept board and room layout to show a proposed solution for a living room re-do.

Using a fictional client’s scope of work, program, preferences, and budget, I pulled items from attainable online retailers (such as Pottery Barn, World Market and Target) and assembled a concept board.

concept board

Once I had my concept, I used photos of the existing space and superimposed the proposed design elements into the photos.




Starbucks Coffee Company

While I was working in Starbucks’ corporate office in New York, I completed countless renovations and new store designs, as well as over 150 kiosks.  Each store was unique and incorporated local relevancy in their design and finishes.  Gone are the “cookie cutter” stores.


Below is an example of how I interpreted the building’s designer’s rendering and by using a concept board, incorporated a similar look and feel in the proposed Starbucks.


Microsoft PowerPoint - Dulles Discovery 3, VA - Schematic.ppt [C

Here are a few examples of renovations:

HGA Portfolio_2016-13HGA Portfolio_2016-14HGA Portfolio_2016-16HGA Portfolio_2016-19HGA Portfolio_2016-21HGA Portfolio_2016-18

2D Rendering – NYCB Bayonne

Here is an example of a 2-D rendering created in Photoshop.  I was tasked with giving the client visual options using their standard finishes.

Below, you can see the existing conditions.


The only parameters I was given was a stone base with a stucco body and trim in their brand colors.  I used Photoshop layers to add the finishes and create the shading and shadows.

NYCB 163 Rendering_030817

Residential Remodel/Addition

In this example of a major residential renovation, I added a second floor to the 1931, 910 square foot cottage. Which ultimately doubled the square footage, and it went from two bedrooms and one bath, to four bedrooms and three baths.

Existing first floor:

C:Users5810-3Dropboxreno_REVISED CDs FOR CONST_072916_xref

Proposed first floor:

C:Users5810-3Dropboxreno_REVISED CDs FOR CONST_072916_cons

Above you can see I opened up the floor plan while maintaining one bedroom and one bathroom.  I also bumped out the kitchen to gain counter space and added a fireplace in the living room.

Proposed new second floor:

C:Users5810-3Dropboxreno_REVISED CDs FOR CONST_072916_cons

Existing exterior elevations:

C:UsersAdrianneDocumentsMy Dropboxrenodavenport place_A1 L

Proposed exterior elevations:

C:Users5810-3Dropboxreno_REVISED CDs FOR CONST_072916_cons

To see more of this project, go to Fairly Ordinary Home.